[Bug 439964] [DejaVu-fonts] Alignment mismatch of dot accents.

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Tue Apr 1 13:54:32 UTC 2008

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Summary: [DejaVu-fonts] Alignment mismatch of dot accents.


------- Additional Comments From apodtele at ucsd.edu  2008-04-01 09:54 EST -------
Of course I used GIMP to prepare the first attachment with a few more to 
follow. I would strongly disagree that "diaeresis is usually at a different 
height..." It is more usual for fonts to be consistent with respect to this 
minute details. This is what makes a font rather than a collection of symbols.

I am surprised that DejaVu does not have an explicit and written out standard 
that regulates these minute details. This is probably the reason why it is so 
easy to find examples illustrated in images attached bellow.

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