[Bug 439964] [DejaVu-fonts] Alignment mismatch of dot accents.

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Tue Apr 1 14:41:37 UTC 2008

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Summary: [DejaVu-fonts] Alignment mismatch of dot accents.


------- Additional Comments From apodtele at ucsd.edu  2008-04-01 10:41 EST -------
You are welcome to try to start this discussion on the DejaVu mailing list.
I tried to do it before about half a year ago and last month but was largely 
ignored. The developers were aware of these glitches since day one (as they 
are inherited from Vera) but prefer not to make a decision. They are very 
territorial (working on one particular Unicode page) and they don't care about 
glitches across the board. To fix this will require some agreement between 
them, which is apparently the bigest obstacle.

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