[Bug 3512] Implement font-stretch property

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--- Comment #39 from John Daggett (:jtd) <jdaggett at mozilla.com>  2008-04-03 18:05:55 PDT ---
Given the wider prevalence of condensed/expanded faces on platforms like Mac OS
X and the increasing number of open source fonts like the Deja Vu family which
contain condensed/expanded faces, I'm going to bump up the priority of this
one. Without this attribute these faces are effectively unusable, since no
combination of font-xxx attributes will resolve to a condensed face if a normal
face is around.  On Windows, where font families are currently unified using
the "four faces per family" rule, the font-family attribute can be used but
this doesn't work when name unification is done to include a fuller set of
faces within a single font family, as is done under Mac OS X.

Stuart says he has a work-in-progress patch.

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