[Bug 440992] Liberation fonts contains incorect characters for Romanian language

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Summary: Liberation fonts contains incorect characters for Romanian language


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------- Additional Comments From cchance at redhat.com  2008-04-10 20:55 EST -------
Hi Razvan, I don't have AltGr key on my keyboard to perform the following step:

4. Press AltGr+s and AltGr+t (and Shift for capitals) to insert the specific
Romanian characters.

I used gucharmap to manually check the characters, here are the findings:

- "S with cedilla below" (Unicode 015E) and "s with cedilla below" (Unicode
015F) look alright, it looks like cedilla but not comma (I read the

- "T with cedilla below" (Unicode 0162) and "t with cedilla below" (Unicode
0163) look incorrectly. As you mention, they are like 'T' and 't' with a comma
below but not a cedilla.

Please be aware that, the latest Fedora is using 'Sans', 'Serif', 'Monospace'
alias as its default fonts which they are variable depends on availability of
installed fonts.

I am taking screenshots and reporting to author about this. Thank you very much.

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