[Bug 433584] [ml_IN] Traditional scripts (smc-fonts) to be included in fonts-indic

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Mon Apr 14 06:22:44 UTC 2008

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Summary: [ml_IN] Traditional scripts (smc-fonts) to be included in fonts-indic


------- Additional Comments From pravi.a at ippimail.com  2008-04-14 02:22 EST -------
* We don't want to have version embedded with font names - we used to have
Rachana_w01, Rachana_g01 inside the fonts and we decided best way is not to have
the versions as a newer version font cannot show the documents which use older
version of fonts. We needed the version difference to be visible to the users,
so we are keeping the version in filename.
* It is not necessary that everyone use the entire tarball but individual fonts
and so we are keeping version for each font.
* you can change the rpm package name to anything you wish.
* All fonts are developed by different authors and we can't decide on a common
license. I don't see it as a problem because the package is an aggregation and
not a derivative work.

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