[Bug 433584] [ml_IN] Traditional scripts (smc-fonts) to be included in fonts-indic

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Mon Apr 14 07:06:03 UTC 2008

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Summary: [ml_IN] Traditional scripts (smc-fonts) to be included in fonts-indic


------- Additional Comments From rbhalera at redhat.com  2008-04-14 03:06 EST -------
Pravin, its really upto you how to name and version the upstream project. 
My concern about version is, the version '04'  for a tarball looks odd, unlike
many other project that would follow 'a.b.c' kind of format. But its ok as far
as its not creating any problem. Another concern is since it is an aggregation
of multiple projects, how are you going to going to maintain the version of
aggregation w.r.t. the individual fonts' versions? Will the version '04' be 
updated to a higher value for any change in any of the files inside the tarball,
as is the case with lohit and samyak? This came to my mind because, it was
observed earlier that, some font was added to the tarball without the version of
tarball being updated. 

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