[Issue 88613] Canvas: cairo-based font rendering

hdu at openoffice.org hdu at openoffice.org
Mon Apr 28 11:30:27 UTC 2008

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------- Additional comments from hdu at openoffice.org Mon Apr 28 11:30:25 +0000 2008 -------
Another comment: From my POV the harfbuzz project will be the "libtextlayout" of the FOSS world. On the 
other hand VCL's text layout main focus is to do the delicate balancing act between
- not needing to rewrite all OOo application layer code from ground up
- trying to give them support for the modern text layout
So for writing new applications using OOo's wrapper layer around existing layout engines is not a good 
idea. But OOo will still be needed in the future. It could become much thinner though if the FOSS layout 
engines committed themselves to attack the really fascinating topic of full blown text justification and 
advanced typographic styles for OpenType (and eventually Graphite) fonts. Especially if the layout results 
were compatible with their counterparts from other platforms.

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