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--- Comment #2 from Hans Ulrich Niedermann <rhbugs at n-dimensional.de>  2008-12-03 17:22:23 EDT ---
I'll build an update to 4.28 shortly.

About those patches...

As someone who is proud of being able to decipher "Днепр" written on the side
of a ship when given 5 minutes to figure out the letters, I cannot pass any
judgement on the suitability of any patches affecting cyrillic letters.

As far as I know, cyrillic letters are used in at least Russia, Bulgaria, and
Serbia. I am guessing there might be slight differences in the respective
languages' letters, which those patches might address.

So... those patches might make the letters look worse for non-Russians while
improving them for Russians, and then the non-Russians will file a bug...

The home page says

  terminus-font-4.28-ge1.diff.gz - apply when creating an international package

which appears to make sense to me to include in the Fedora package, however I'd
like a little more information on the ge1 and ij1 patches.

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