[Bug 368561] ligature-related font rendering bug with 'ff' and 'fi'

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Fri Dec 5 19:16:54 UTC 2008

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--- Comment #31 from Kriston Rehberg <me at kriston.net>  2008-12-05 14:16:53 EDT ---
FreeType's bug has a constructive comment that it could be higher up in the
rendering chain. 
If I were to take a wild guess, I would say that when FreeType is presented
with the ligature glyph it might actually be rendering it without any hinting
instructions at all when the autohinter is enabled.
The FreeType bug report is justified because fftype/ffdiff cannot reproduce it.
 Like the FreeType bug report indicates, the symptions are not reproduceable
when using fftype/ffdiff Freetype test programs, but the Red Hat bug report
reproduces it from the Pango level in comment #10.
Additionally, this bug manifests itself in Ubuntu when Ubuntu is instructed to
use the FreeType autohinter (it has the native hinter enabled by default).
I don't want the use of the autohinter to be a red herring when tracking down
this problem.

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