[Bug 368561] ligature-related font rendering bug with 'ff' and 'fi'

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Fri Dec 5 19:23:18 UTC 2008

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--- Comment #32 from Kriston Rehberg <me at kriston.net>  2008-12-05 14:23:18 EDT ---
>From one of the FreeType bug reports at http://savannah.nongnu.org/bugs/?25013:

>There are high chances that the autohinter doesn't render these ligature
>glyphs well.  However, this problem is not special to ligatures per se but can
>happen with any glyph (well, it shouldn't happen with any glyph...).

This is discouraging, and it's rather why I suggested that the option to
disabling ligatures ought to be provided somewhere in the rendering chain.
For purity's sake, the argument that ligatures should "always" be accepted is
not backed up by precedent.  The user already can optionally disable deltas,
hinting, and kerning.  It naturally follows that he must also be allowed to
optionally disable ligatures if ligatures look awful.
Right now, installing a clean copy of Fedora 10 (and 9,8,7, etc) you get awful

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