[Bug 458169] [@font-face] implement downloadable font support on Linux

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--- Comment #24 from David Baron [:dbaron] <dbaron at dbaron.org>  2008-12-06 00:23:19 PST ---
(In reply to comment #22)
> I pushed this to m-c with one small change to the font used to find the
> FT_Library
> -            new gfxPangoFontGroup(NS_LITERAL_STRING("\"sans-serif\""),
> +            new gfxPangoFontGroup(NS_LITERAL_STRING("sans-serif"),
> so as to use mozilla default font (which is often the system default) instead
> of just the system default.

Whether Mozilla's default is serif or sans-serif is controlled by the
font.default.[langGroup] preferences (and maybe also the font.default

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