[Bug 414427] Should use "Document font" and "Fixed width font" families from gnome settings

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Sat Dec 6 16:52:23 UTC 2008

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David Baron [:dbaron] <dbaron at dbaron.org> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
          Component|Shell Integration           |GFX: Thebes
            Product|Firefox                     |Core
            Summary|fonts: firefox should       |Should use "Document font"
                   |respect gnome settings      |and "Fixed width font"
                   |                            |families from gnome
                   |                            |settings
          QAContact|shell.integration at firefox.b |thebes at gfx.bugs
                   |ugs                         |

--- Comment #8 from David Baron [:dbaron] <dbaron at dbaron.org>  2008-12-06 08:52:18 PST ---
Resummarizing bug to match the original request and moving to a possibly
correct component (it's really split between the style system and gfx).  (If
you want a bug about using gnome's font size as well, as comment 7 suggests,
that should be filed as a *separate* bug report, although we're unlikely to do
it.  Please avoid further discussion of that issue here.)

I'm also not sure how well this proposal would work across languages; there may
be some language groups that really do prefer defaulting to serif rather than
sans-serif, I think, but is GNOME's default always sans, and isn't
language-group-specific?  (If it's locale-specific, that's even worse; I'd
really prefer that English Web pages display the same by default on any locale
system, and likewise for Japanese Web pages, etc.)

Given the amount of work involved (relative to the amount of benefit, which
seems to me only questionably positive), this doesn't seem like a particularly
high priority to me.

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