[Bug 414427] Should use "Document font" and "Fixed width font" families from gnome settings

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--- Comment #10 from Nicolas Mailhot <Nicolas.Mailhot at laPoste.net>  2008-12-06 09:45:08 PST ---
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> I'm also not sure how well this proposal would work across languages; there may
> be some language groups that really do prefer defaulting to serif rather than
> sans-serif, I think, but is GNOME's default always sans, and isn't
> language-group-specific?

The request is to hook in the current desktop settings exposed via XSettings to
apps. Those settings are already QAed for i18n, because you know, every well
behaved app installed uses them, so they better work. They correspond to fonts
actually installed on the system and to the user actual preferences. A user can
choose a serif default or even a specific font family if he so wishes.

There is *zero* value added in trying to bypass those settings by using
different lists.

> (If it's locale-specific, that's even worse; I'd
> really prefer that English Web pages display the same by default on any locale
> system, and likewise for Japanese Web pages, etc.)

It's not locale-specific.

> Given the amount of work involved (relative to the amount of benefit, which
> seems to me only questionably positive),

I think you do not understand the benefit.
The benefit for the user is Firefox just works like his other apps. As opposed
to Firefox behaving weirdly, trying to use different settings that other
applications, trying to use fonts not available on the system, and ignoring
fonts actually installed. The web is littered with Linux users asking why the
hell Firefox is misbehaving and using different fonts than other apps.

The user should not have to configure font settings in Firefox when his desktop
settings already work (either because the defaults were fine or because he
changed them to suit his tastes). Especially given the Firefox font defaults UI
is not exactly user-friendly.

The Linux situation is very different from the Windows situation where Firefox
can just use the proprietary Microsoft fonts. Linux font offerings are very
diverse and the default prefs.js Firefox settings are almost always wrong for
this platform.

> this doesn't seem like a particularly high priority to me.

It is sad to see that Mozilla developpers continue to have so little
understanding of free and open systems.

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