[Bug 475593] Review Request: fontpackages - Common directory and macro definitions used by font packages

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--- Comment #4 from Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net>  2008-12-10 02:14:53 EDT ---
(In reply to comment #3)
> Thanks for this package. The font packaging guidelines always seemed like a
> maze to me. I hope this will make things a lot easier. I have a few comments
> and questions:
> * rpmlint says:
>    fontpackages-devel.noarch: W: obsolete-not-provided rpm-fonts-devel
>    fontpackages-filesystem.noarch: W: obsolete-not-provided
> rpm-fonts-filesystem
> Is there a particular reason why you don't provide the obsoletes?

rpm-fonts does not exist in the repo and should not exist. These obsoletes are
only there for the people who have played with early versions of this package.
I've always intended to remove them shortly, and did so now.

> * The license tag should be: LGPLv3+
> * We prefer %defattr(-,root,root,-)

Those are the correct permission and there is no drawback, and lots of
advantages, in not specifying them.

> * Packages must not own files or directories already owned by other packages. 
> The directories:
>    /usr/share/fonts.
>    /etc/fonts/conf.d
> are already owned by filesystem and fontconfig. Why share the ownership?

As posted on the guideline change plan they will be removed from those other
packages after this one is available to keep font policy in a single place.

> - Suggestion: Since you are the upstream, you can provide a Makefile in the
> source so that you don't have to do those tricks in the SPEC file.

You'll find out that to keep directory info in a single place, the macro file,
you'd need to play rpm tricks in this Makefile, and at this point it's stupid
to do it out of rpm spec space

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