[Bug 473836] Fonts in GNOME look blurry (was: "in Firefox")

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Wed Dec 10 12:47:09 UTC 2008

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Andrzej Nowak <epsilon at loiv.torun.pl> changed:

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            Summary|Fonts in firefox look       |Fonts in GNOME look blurry
                   |blurry                      |(was: "in Firefox")

--- Comment #23 from Andrzej Nowak <epsilon at loiv.torun.pl>  2008-12-10 07:47:08 EDT ---
Nicolas, please note that in recent updates I've also attached screenshots of
other Gnome applications which are affected, the problem is not Firefox
specific, however it is best visible in Firefox.

However, you still might be right. I'm not closely familiar with the structure
of the font subsystem in Gnome.

More importantly, I have another system, a FC7 upgraded to FC10 and everything
is fine there - fonts are less crisp than in MS Windows, but much better than
on the attached screenshots and they're perfectly fine for daily usage. I don't
understand where this difference in rendering comes from, since the system with
the clean install is the one with the problems.

If this is not a freefont problem, where should this be reported?

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