[Bug 473836] Fonts in GNOME look blurry (was: "in Firefox")

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Wed Dec 10 15:10:43 UTC 2008

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--- Comment #25 from Andrzej Nowak <epsilon at loiv.torun.pl>  2008-12-10 10:10:41 EDT ---
I see your point, however it most likely is not my case that you are writing

With all due respect, ever since I have filed this bug I have been treated like
a novice. Please look again at the screenshots I've attached. The hardware
correctly displays incorrect rendering, the hard evidence is on the images,
which are screenshots, not photographs of my screen, so they look the same on
any reasonable screen or graphics card.

I highly doubt that the rendering visible on my screenshots is intentional to
make up for hardware deficiencies, and if it is, the software incorrectly
recognizes the hardware as deficient.

Changing any setting - be it DPI, antialiasing, pixel order, font smoothing -
yields worse results. Trust me, I've experimented with that a lot before
deciding to bother people here at bugzilla, who already have a lot of other
stuff to worry about.

Both systems I own have exactly the same font settings, although the hardware
configurations are different, and that's because they give the best results. On
both systems fonts look perfectly fine in MS Windows and Fedora 6 and Fedora 7,
however on one of them Fedora 10 displays crap. Therefore, although I am aware
that this might not be the case, I trust that there is no problem with my
hardware (which is, on a side note, definitely not low end).

In essence, a fresh install of Fedora is nearly unusable for me because of this
issue and I am willing to help you make it better, so that less people
experience the problem. But I need assistance with that.

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