[Bug 476758] Review Request: libspiro - Library to simplify the drawing of beautiful curves

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Wed Dec 17 21:41:26 UTC 2008

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--- Comment #3 from Kevin Fenzi <kevin at tummy.com>  2008-12-17 16:41:25 EDT ---
>* rpmlint says:
>   libspiro-devel.x86_64: W: no-documentation
>At the least the license file can go in the %doc of this subpackage. I also
>think that the README* files would suit the devel subpackage better.

ok. I can put them in both... not a big deal. 

>* I suggest you to make use of the %{name} and %{version} macros.

Sure. Good idea. 


New Package CVS Request
Package Name: libspiro
Short Description: Library to simplify the drawing of beautiful curves
Owners: kevin
Branches: devel

Lubomir: If you would like to co-maintain this as your inkscape can use it,
feel free to request in pkgdb and I will be happy to approve you.

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