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--- Comment #7 from Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net>  2008-12-21 15:32:49 EDT ---
Thinking about it some more, the correct plan for the htmldoc packager(s) is

1. long-term: ask upstream to move to fontconfig/freetype/pango/cairo
2. short-term:
 * ask upstream what its original font sources were
 * if those fonts exist in type1 form in Fedora, link them from here
 * if those fonts do not exist in type1 form in Fedora, but have some other
canonical type1 source, package this source properly
 * if they're strictly an htmldoc production, and have no other proper source
(and it can be acertained no license was hurt during their production) package
them as htmldoc sub-packages (one per font family). Assuming upstream was smart
enough to use its own font names and didn't re-use the name of someone else's
font (in which case the fonts need to be rename or they'll conflict with the
real fonts). The subpackage logic can be taken from

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