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--- Comment #2 from Mathieu Bridon <bochecha at no-log.org>  2008-12-22 17:32:24 EDT ---

First of all, I'd like to thank you for this report, I wasn't aware of the
fonts issue (one always learn :).

This is particularly a good timing as I'm about to submit a new package in
Fedora, and it also contains some fonts ^_^

Anyway, back on Waste's Edge.

I contacted the developer, and he told me that only two fonts are included:

The first one is a bitmap one that was specifically created for the game. Kai
(Adonthell / Waste's Edge lead dev) contacted the original author to have
precisions about the font license. This one should not be a problem, I'll
simply create a subpackage wastesedge-fonts for it. That should do it if I
correctly understood the packaging policy on fonts. Could someone confirm ?

However, the second one might cause a little more trouble. It is a True Type
font that was created by a fan of the Ultima game [1] [2]

I tried contacting him, asking for more informations about his font license,
but it looks like the email address provided on his website is not valid

I'm not sure what I can do here, any idea ? :-/

[1] http://ultima.gogab.com/
[2] http://ultima.gogab.com/avtrfont.zip

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