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--- Comment #1 from James Cloos <cloos at jhcloos.com>  2008-12-28 11:20:28 EDT ---
It is actually worse than that:

:; awk '/WX/ {print $4 " " $5}' urw-fonts/n022024l.afm|sort|uniq -c
    544 WX 747
    116 WX 774

shows that two widths exist in the metrics in the afm file.

:; t1disasm urw-fonts/n022024l.pfb |awk '/hsbw/ {print $(NF-1)}'|sort|uniq -c
    544 579
    116 600
      1 775

confirms that info.  (The one char with width 775 in the font is /.notdef.)

And it is not just bold oblique.  Oblique shows:

:; t1disasm urw-fonts/n022023l.pfb |awk '/hsbw/ {print $(NF-1)}'|sort|uniq -c
      1 583
      1 592
    547 598
    111 600
      1 775

and bold shows:

:; t1disasm urw-fonts/n022004l.pfb |awk '/hsbw/ {print $(NF-1)}'|sort|uniq -c
    546 578
    114 600
      1 775

Only the base face gets it right:

:; t1disasm urw-fonts/n022003l.pfb |awk '/hsbw/ {print $(NF-1)}'|sort|uniq -c
    661 600

(Courier is defined to have a width of 600 in 1000 unit/em space; that makes
for a 2:1 aspect ratio when set 10/12.  Most other monowidth fonts match that
width; CMTT is the most prevalent exception, given that it was designed for use
in a narrow book page.)

The fix is best started with t1disasm, t1asm and one's choice of sed, awk, perl
or a text editor.

In the t1disasm output, do:

  s/\d+ hsbw/600 hsbw/

then bump the font’s version and then use t1asm to convert that back to a pfb.

For the afm files, it is:

  s/ WX \d+ / WX 600 /

and a similar bump to the Version: line.  (Yes, the afm files for Nimbus Mono
are completely screwed if it is supposed to be Courier-compatible.)

That might leave some glyphs uncentered.  If so, a bit of tweaking will be
necesary.  A quick check, however, using ftview suggests that the above changes
are enough.

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