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--- Comment #24 from Martin-Gomez Pablo <pablo.martin-gomez at laposte.net>  2008-12-28 16:22:16 EDT ---
* I don't understand the following code, eventually, it should be
<string>serif</string>, no ?
<match target="pattern">
 <test name="family">

* Put the following codes in section %prep after %setup (and not in %build or
in %install):
for txt in OFL* ; do
 sed 's/\r//' $txt > $txt.new
 touch -r $txt $txt.new
 mv $txt.new $txt

install -m 644 -p %{SOURCE2} .

* Do the %post and the %postun are useful ? I just find them in some fonts and
no wiki page about it. Nicolas, an explanation ?  

* Now, the change needed by the new guideline:
- Add the following in the right place : 
BuildRequires: fontpackages-devel
Requires:      fontpackages-filesystem 
- Remove "%define fontdir  %{_datadir}/fonts/%{fontname}" and replace all the
"%{fontdir}" by "%{_fontdir}" (it's now an official macro)
- Replace "%config(noreplace) %{fontconfdir}/60-%{fontname}.conf" and
"%{fontdir}/*.ttf" by "%_font_pkg -f 60-%{fontname}.conf *.ttf"
(- There is something else with templatedir macro, but i don't understand how
it work, i'll see)

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