[Bug 477606] RFE: warn on fonts installed outside %_fontbasedir

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--- Comment #6 from Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net>  2008-12-29 05:56:49 EDT ---
(In reply to comment #5)
> (In reply to comment #4)
> > There was more than a month of public RFC when you could ask such questions
> > (you were one of the handful of people explicitely CC-ed)
> In the mails that reached my inbox of that thread, I count total of 3 people
> who provided *any* opinions of the proposal:

You know how people are. You ask them to comment on public lists, and they
comment via PM, non-logged IRC channels or even bugzilla entries :p

Feedback was not limited to three people (for example Behdad whose opinion is
critical since he's upstream and downstream for many text components did all
his comments in small IRC dialogs)

> For some reason the proposal was pushed through nevertheless,

It was pushed nevertheless because the comments that were expressed were
addressed, except for 1 FPC member who was against macros in any form and
didn't convince the other FPC members. It's all in the FPC minutes. This is no
different from any other FPC/FESCO decision and in fact this proposal was given
bigger/longer public exposure than most to give everyone a chance to comment.

There was no way for me to please both people who were rabidly against macros
and people who wanted them in, I chose one option and FPC agreed with me.

> and now that
> you're asking people to spend their time adding support for it

I'm asking people to add support since the published plan was always to ask
people to add support, no one complained about this part in the long review
phase, and FPC/FESCO approved it.

I'm not ashamed on how this stuff was handled, I went above and beyond what is
done for most guideline changes (one public multi-week RFC phase in october,
first FPC session, another month of public review, test conversion on ~ 30
packages, ~ 12 public releases of the proposed templates, second FPC then FESCO
session, full wiki documentation in more than a dozen of different pages, full
distro font audit, etc).

This was and still is a ton of work for me and yes, at some point other people
in the distro are asked to contribute.

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