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--- Comment #4 from Mathieu Bridon <bochecha at no-log.org>  2008-12-29 06:50:21 EDT ---
* First font: font.font

I discussed it with the Adonthell devs, and in fact, this is not really a font.
This is more like some picture and data used to render text with custom code in

This means that such a "font" can not be used in other apps, say OOo for

So, this doesn't make any sense splitting it in a subpackage and installing it

* Second font: avatar.ttf

I contacted the 2 maintainers of the Adonthell package in Debian, both emails
are unexisting o_O

I might have one more way to contact the author of the font.

However, I started playing with the spec file to remove the font totally from
the game, and make it use one of the system fonts.

I'm in contact with the Adonthell devs about how to do that properly and which
one they would less dislike.

So, working on it, just a status report :)

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