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--- Comment #29 from Unknown W. Brackets <unknown at simplemachines.org>  2008-03-04 17:24:13 PST ---
(In reply to comment #28)
> This "bug" (really a feature-request) has been around for 9 years.  It's clear
> that font-stretching as a *general* mechanism isn't feasible with existing font
> rendering technology.  But web designers would be very happy to have a quite
> limited feature: being able to specify that a condensed font is to be used. As
> comment #23 pointed out, "font-stretch: condensed" will do fine.  But the
> browser has to then provide, not an artificially condensed version of a font,
> but an actual condensed font such as Helvetica Condensed or Arial Narrow.  The
> user could choose the condensed font to be used as the default in the Advanced
> Fonts window. This would be extremely useful to web designers and I'd think
> quite straightforward to implement.

Not quite, since this needs to apply per family.  Your solution appers to
presume it would only be used with default/builtin families, or that it would
change the font family.

It is impractical to ask the user for the font face because:

1. My grandma doesn't know that fonts have faces, ears, eyes, or even noses.

2. Burdening the user with this means many would have no choice selected, which
for all intents and purposes means nothing has been solved.

3. Users can't be expected to select a condensed font per family, it is too

I suspect this problem isn't receiving much attention because it isn't widely
used, you can just use the 'xyz condensed' family most of the time, no other
browsers support it, and the fix is probably os dependent.

It would still be nice though.


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