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--- Comment #33 from Nicolas Mailhot <Nicolas.Mailhot at laPoste.net>  2008-03-05 05:31:00 PST ---
(In reply to comment #32)
> So maybe font-stretch is a red herring.

It's not. font-stretch is the only standardised way to select a condensed font
reliably (cross-platform and future-proof).

> Surely the failure of Firefox on Linux to recognize Nimbus Sans L Condensed 
> is a *bug*.

If it does not appear in Firefox dialogs that would be a bug all right (I
thought this had been fixed, but Firefox definitely assumes in places you have
font family, then regular/bold/italic/bold italic, when the font reality is
more complex than that. And fonts that take advantage of this complexity are
not limited to expensive niche designer font libraries anymore).

> If web authors could specify it in a font-family
> list and Firefox would respect that request,

Even if it did appear that would not make it selectable in CSS by web authors.
Because the font family is not "Nimbus Sans L Condensed" but "Nimbus Sans L",
with the "Condensed" variant, so the font family selector won't work.

Many condensed fonts are like that and "Arial Narrow" (where Narrow is actually
part of the family name) is far from representative. It's sad that this font
(which has never been distributed on free/open platforms, and not even been
part of the "core fonts for the web" free-beer-download operation, is used as
argument to delay implementing font-stretch.

IIRC the Behdad of Pango fame had found some documents that described the font
selection algorithm used by Microsoft for OpenType fonts, and intended to
closely follow it pango/fontconfig side. This logic should probably apply to
CSS font selectors if there is any ambiguïty in the w3c specs.

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