[Bug 436505] condensed Nimbus fonts inaccessible to applications

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Fri Mar 7 17:41:58 UTC 2008

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Summary: condensed Nimbus fonts inaccessible to applications


------- Additional Comments From nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net  2008-03-07 12:41 EST -------
Strongly NAK-ed by me, and should at least be discussed in the Fonts SIG mailing
list before ending up in a Fedora package:

1. the problem is not in the font file but application-side
2. we don't do it for the distro default fonts, why should we do it for Nimbus?
3. those applications hit the very same problem for many other fonts. A single
fontconfig alias is not going to solve it, alaiasing all the fonts that trigger
the problem is unrealistic
4. grouping different faces under a single family name is an explicit objective
of modern font formats and pushed as best practice by heavyweights like the
Microsoft Typography group, so this patch is backwards and tries to stop the tide
5. GTK already proves supporting this kind of face without hacks can be done
6. OO.o is getting fixed right now
7. bugs are opened @QT & @KDE to get them fixed too
8. applying it now will only create confusion between users with aliased fonts
and users of previous releases
9. and anyway this kind of change belongs upstream

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