[Bug 436505] condensed Nimbus fonts inaccessible to applications

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Sun Mar 9 23:47:16 UTC 2008

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Summary: condensed Nimbus fonts inaccessible to applications


------- Additional Comments From rdtennent at hotmail.com  2008-03-09 19:47 EST -------
|>>The urw fonts are installed in the 'default' sub-directory of |>usr/share/fonts.
|>>ghostscript depends on them. 

|>The way ghostscript chooses to name the directories in which it dumps its |>fonts
|>has no relationship whatsoever with the distribution defaults.

You're in charge of fonts for Fedora and you think that it's ghostscript that
chose /usr/share/fonts/defaults to "dump its fonts"?

ghostscript as distributed by ghostscript doesn't put its fonts in that
directory. But because several packages depend on those fonts, the Fedora
packagers chose to put them into the default tree under /usr/share/fonts.
No doubt you mean something different by "distribution default" but I guess you
prefer just being rude.


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