[Issue 79878] OO.o can not select modern font faces conveniently

cmc at openoffice.org cmc at openoffice.org
Mon Mar 10 17:23:01 UTC 2008

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------- Additional comments from cmc at openoffice.org Mon Mar 10 17:22:59 +0000 2008 -------
My own (wild?) assumption is that we'd have to map the condensed etc. values
from the dialog to the existing vcl FontWidth enum, then add a new svx SfxItem
for this type of FontWidth, then fiddle the apps to be aware of that new item
and use it when requesting fonts from vcl so as to get the intended font.

Then it looks to me that we'd have to import and export the font width into our
format along the lines of how the referenced-by-our-spec svg format does it,
i.e. font-stretch of one of normal, ultra-condensed, extra-condensed, condensed,
semi-condensed, semi-expanded, expanded, extra-expanded, ultra-expanded values

What bothers me is that while there is one direct reference to svg:font-stretch
in the spec (there's is no mention that I can see in our actual code to
save/load this yet, so no hidden support for svg:font-stretch?) there's the
issue that there's no equivalent asian/complex variants, e.g. our file format
has fo:font-weight, fo:font-weight-asian + fo:font-weight-complex and
fo:font-pitch, fo:font-pitch-asian, fo:font-pitch-complex. And I assume that
font-stretch/font-width would have to follow that pattern.

I think we might need to ask the xml people where this fits into how fonts are
supposed to be described by our format to avoid any gotchas there.

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