[Bug 438006] After `yum install vnc-server' firefox does not run

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Tue Mar 18 19:39:02 UTC 2008

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Summary: After `yum install vnc-server' firefox does not run


------- Additional Comments From jan.kratochvil at redhat.com  2008-03-18 15:39 EST -------
Hmm, I now see the server-client distinction, thanks.
`vnc-server' is just the server-side but `firefox' is just the client side.
And `fontconfig' uses client-side fonts (while `X' uses server-side fonts).

  fontconfig: Requires: xorg-x11-fonts-base-client
  xorg-x11-fonts-Type1: Provides: xorg-x11-fonts-base-client
  xorg-x11-fonts-truetype: Provides: xorg-x11-fonts-base-client
  (possibly other fonts)

disadvantage: If I want just to --rebuild an application using fontconfig
  without running it I will nonetheless wastefully need some client-side font.

advantage: All the applications can remain the same.  Some right solution would
  need to add:
  EACH-fontconfig-using-application: Requires: xorg-x11-fonts-base-client

Rex, do you agree?  To reassign it to the Package `fontconfig'.

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