[Bug 438006] After `yum install vnc-server' firefox does not run

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Thu Mar 20 17:20:26 UTC 2008

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Summary: After `yum install vnc-server' firefox does not run


------- Additional Comments From jan.kratochvil at redhat.com  2008-03-20 13:20 EST -------
We should make clear what was the original problem I submitted this Bug:
-> Firefox does not start at all.

In fact I do not care much of the cosmetic aspects of the application(s) in some
testing environment.  US-ASCII in monospace is perfectly fine for me in such
case.  I also do not care of any weird non-English languages (speaking natively

Debian has "required" packages and "suggested" packages.  RPM does not make this
difference and the RPM "Requires" is there only for the "required" packages. You
are describing more the "suggested" packages (fonts) set and possibly even more.

Your intentions may be right but they are out of the scope of this Bug.

Your 1.(problem) is covered by the `xorg-x11-fonts-base-client' virtual
dependency.  If I have any client (fontconfig compatible) font nothing gets
installed.  If there is no fontconfig font some random one will be installed
(and I do not care which one as any real end-user system will have enough of
them by default).

Your 2.+3.+5.(problems) talks about non-ASCII issues, these fonts are not
requires for a basic start of an application.

Your 4.(problem) - the Provides of `xorg-x11-fonts-base-client' should be placed
into several (those 2 in my Comment 4?) fontconfig-compatible fonts and it will
not change in the future.

Your 6.(problem) I do not understand - we are talking about ASCII-compatible
fontconfig-compatible fonts here.

Your 1.+2.(solution) does not solve the problem I posted.

Your 3.(solution) is an excessive workload out of the scope of this Bug.

I am not an artist and the problem I posted will never be faced by any regular
end-user.  It is faced by the QA folks and the developers.  I usually even do
not see the application started as I just login there by text SSH and anyway my
link is too slow to (needlessly) run a VNC viewer over it.

Sorry I still see my Comment 4 as the optimal solution for the simple problem

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