[Bug 394103] All elements are HUGE (when doing dpi autodetect?)

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--- Comment #58 from Nicolas Mailhot <Nicolas.Mailhot at laPoste.net>  2008-03-26 16:55:01 PDT ---
A. Firefox should respect X dpi autodetection

B. When X autodetection is broken it needs to be fixed at the X level, and
adding application-level workarounds only makes the situation an infixable mess

C. However Firefox should also use the font sizes the user set on its desktop
(this is bug #414427). The user configures one-time at the desktop level if he
likes small or big fonts, etc. Under Linux encoding-specific font substitution
is handled system-wide by fontconfig and the long list of Firefox font
preferences is quite user-hostile.

For bitmap images there is no perfect solution. Either you scale according to
dpi, and you conserve a web-designer safe text/image ratio (but you accept
scaling artifacts even when the scaling was not 100% indispensable) or you
scale non-linearly, and accept the formatting artifacts due to text using
another scaling method.

Either way not scaling text according to X dpi is IMHO deeply unacceptable as
text quality is the primary requirement of a browser (except for yourtube-only

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