[Bug 449356] Refactor gfxPangoFontGroup for user fonts

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Mon Oct 13 08:48:28 UTC 2008

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--- Comment #7 from Karl Tomlinson (:karlt) <mozbugz at karlt.net>  2008-10-13 01:48:26 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #6)
> The Ts change may be due to gfxFontconfigUtils being initialized earlier,
> reverting some of the savings from the patch in bug 404857 comment 13.  If so,
> doing some of the initialization lazily should recover that.  (Some of it may
> never be used.)

Yes, removing gfxFontconfigUtils::mAliasTable, which is not used (and the
initialization of which this patch would have activated) drops Ts w/patch by
about 100 ms to 1350-1360 ms (-5 to -6% wrt the reference without the patch).

> Without the patch, ...
> The increase after the second run is a bit concerning but it is
> what would be expected from bug 453200.

No, it's not bug 453200.  Fixing that reduces page load times consistently
across all runs by 15 - 20 ms (Tp is -5 to -6%).

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