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--- Comment #6 from Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net>  2008-10-27 17:42:17 EDT ---
(In reply to comment #4)

> I dint know how to tackle point 8 9 10
> I dont think i know enough for sposnorship yet.

Ankur, there's no need to rush, and we'll do it as slowly as you're comfortable
with. Baby steps are good.

If my requests are difficult to understand there's no shame at all asking for
clarifications on the list. Someone else may answer using different words than
mine and anyway that creates some on-line documentation for others new
packagers (the list is international so no one will object if you have some
problems with the pidgin English I use)

Likewise, if you find some part of the wiki documentation obscure, just ask for
help on the list, and propose a re-wording after you've understood the point.
That's another great way to understand packaging and getting sponsored.

If you're a bit intimidated by a public mailing list you can exchange private
mails with Martin-Gomez Pablo or try to meet in an irc channel. He's also a
novice packager, even if he's got a little more experience than you, so you may
be a bit more comfortable exchanging tips with him.

That being said:

You still need to work on 14 8 9 10. Since you've written you've taken care of
8 9 10, you may have uploaded the wrong package version (or I can elaborate if
you don't understand those points)

15. Also, you need to Buildrequire fontforge if you use it, otherwise the
package won't build in koji or mock. Since you're not sponsored yet you can't
test in koji so I strongly suggest installing mock on your system
(http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Projects/Mock) It's a great packager helper.

16. running rpmlint on the result produces those warnings
cf-bonveno-fonts.noarch: W: wrong-file-end-of-line-encoding
cf-bonveno-fonts.noarch: W: wrong-file-end-of-line-encoding

To fix this warning you need something like

for txt in COPYING README ; do
   sed 's/\r//' $txt > $txt.new
   touch -r $txt $txt.new
   mv $txt.new $txt

(the touch is necessary so you don't end up with new doc timestamps after each

You have more complete examples of txt files fixing in the gfs font packages.
Just browse some specs there http://cvs.fedoraproject.org/viewvc/rpms/

Mostly, we want new packagers to understand why their spec files contain X or
Y, not just copy templates blindly, so please DO ask every time you feel you're
performing black magic.

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