[Issue 79878] OO.o can not select modern font faces conveniently

mba at openoffice.org mba at openoffice.org
Wed Sep 3 10:18:21 UTC 2008

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                What    |Old value                 |New value
             Assigned to|mba                       |os
              Issue type|ENHANCEMENT               |PATCH
        Target milestone|---                       |OOo 3.1

------- Additional comments from mba at openoffice.org Wed Sep  3 10:18:19 +0000 2008 -------
Wow! I was on vacation for three weeks and when I came back I saw a huge patch
attached. Great. :-) Thanks for the patch.

It will take some time to review it, I hope we can do this in the 3.1 time
frame, at least we will try.

Oliver, please take over. I'm sure that Herbert can help with the VCL part if

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