[Bug 458430] Review Request: lcdf-typetools - Tools for manipulating OpenType and PostScript fonts

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Thu Sep 4 14:25:34 UTC 2008

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--- Comment #5 from Patrice Dumas <pertusus at free.fr>  2008-09-04 10:25:33 EDT ---

The %_prefix definition and the %configure switches settings are not useful,
rpm --eval %configure

Why disabling the self auto tests?

You should remove
[ "$RPM_BUILD_ROOT" != "/" ] &&

I think that it is better not to have a dependency on
this file is supposed to be installed when kpathsea is installed, and
kpathsea is an automatic soname dependency.

Most of the files are under the GPLv2+ according to the license headers.
Others are under the CLICK license.
In the README they are said to be under the GPLv2 only.

I think that a short comment should explain the licensing,
in the spec file. Like

# header file GPLv2+ and CLICK license (BSD no advertising), 
# in README GPLv2 only.

What is under the 'Redistributable, no modification permitted' license?
This doesn't look acceptable in fedora?

It is better not to use fedora in the spec file, dist should be

patch needs an explanation in the spec file

The auto-t42.patch is more or less explained in the README file, could be
worth saying it in a comment in spec file, that the README explains the


I suggest naming the patch after the package name, and with the version
string showing in which version they were added, like:
Patch0:         lcdf-typetools-2.71-TTinOTFrename.patch

I think it could be possible to include as a Source file

I personally prefer having globs for man pages to catch different
compression schemes, or no compression, for example like


About the t42 patch:

I think I understood the t42 map stuff. It looks correct to me, but
certainly suboptimal -- though no more than doing a link with
dvipsPreferOutline instead of having dvips use that to prefer outline
fonts to bitmap fonts.
You should certainly patch the man page of otftotfm to explain what
this does.

Also I don't really understand what otftotfm does with updmap. How
do the new map file become known by updamp? Does it add the .map it
generates in updmap.cfg (not the t42 map, the regular map)?

What do texlive people think about this whole issue, and upstream?

I am reluctant to let this be added to fedora only, in case it has to be 
withdrawn later, the users would be left with a setup that doesn't 
work anymore.

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