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--- Comment #2 from Hans de Goede <hdegoede at redhat.com>  2008-09-15 05:30:56 EDT ---

Thanks for reporting and thanks for the patch. But I'm afraid fixing this is
not that easy. You've correctly added the font to the keepfiles list, but it
won't get installed into the install image root in the firstplace as there seem
to be nothing in the packages list which installs said font.

The packages list still contains old font-package names / aliases:
        fonts-arabic fonts-bengali
        fonts-chinese fonts-gujarati fonts-hindi fonts-indic fonts-ISO8859-2 
        fonts-kannada fonts-korean fonts-malayalam fonts-oriya fonts-punjabi 
        fonts-sinhala fonts-tamil fonts-telugu

Most of these are no longer available in rawhide, for example there is no
fonts-korean in rawhide, so no korean fonts will get installed at all.

It looks like we need to take a good look at which fonts packages we are
currently installing into the install image root, and at which are listed in
the keepfiles list.

I'm CC-ing the fonts-bug-list hoping that one of the font SIG guys can help out

Font SIG guys, when anaconda (the installer) is running it runs in its own
environment. This environment gets build by the upd-instroot script. This
script starts by installing a list of packages into a chroot and then removing
any files not in a list of files to keep, so as to reduce the footprint of the
install image, currently the lists of packages being installed to get the
necessary fonts to get the installer to be able to render text in non western
charactersets is listed above. This list clearly is no longer correct for
rawhide, we could use some help in getting it fixed.

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