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--- Comment #6 from Hans de Goede <hdegoede at redhat.com>  2008-09-15 13:36:34 EDT ---
(In reply to comment #5)
> (In reply to comment #2)
> > Font SIG guys, when anaconda (the installer) is running it runs in its own
> > environment. This environment gets build by the upd-instroot script. This
> > script starts by installing a list of packages into a chroot and then removing
> > any files not in a list of files to keep, so as to reduce the footprint of the
> > install image, currently the lists of packages being installed to get the
> > necessary fonts to get the installer to be able to render text in non western
> > charactersets is listed above. This list clearly is no longer correct for
> > rawhide, we could use some help in getting it fixed.
> The default install list in the @fonts group is supposed to provide support for
> all our locales. Is it for some reason not good enough for you?

Well for one our current script only handles packages, not groups, but we could
fix that, besides that we are trying to keep things as small as possible (this
goes on boot.iso) so it would be good to know if there is anything we could
leave out for the installer case. For example it serves little purpose to ship
fonts for language for which there is no anaconda translation.

So some questions:
1) The fonts-lang aliases are going away, right?
2) Is there a table somewhere with lang -> needed font mappings
3) Are there any fonts in the font group which are there to for example have
   a decent selection of fonts for language foo in openoffice, but which could
   be left out without affecting the ability to display language foo?

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