[Bug 461039] liberation-fonts >=1.04.2 have problems with some websites

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Thu Sep 18 02:34:04 UTC 2008

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--- Comment #8 from Caius CHANCE <cchance at redhat.com>  2008-09-17 22:34:03 EDT ---
Hi Pacho, thank you very much for your timely testing feedback. 

Atm, all the Latin and frequently used characters have been reconfirmed by me,
if they are holding hinting instructions. Afaik, they are all with original
good hinting data.

When the font has problem, it might be more likely happens on specific
codepoint (character) instead of whole line. In this case, rendering engine
(xulrunner) might be struggling to create an underline of correct length when
the mouse cursor hover on the link. I also found that in the wrong-sample
screenshot the link texts are in bold. Because Liberation Fonts has font style
(Bold, Italic, BI, Regular) in separated file, I would be even more believing
that the link texts are re-rendered. Of course, I would not say that
liberation-fonts has no effect on this problem.

I guess we could also notify this to xulrunner and epiphany upstreams about
this issue, too. They may also be able to provide us valuable info.

Let's keep this bug opened at the moment.

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