[Bug 455647] [Indic] Firefox displays garbage Indic characters on parts of some English webpages

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--- Comment #7 from Karl Tomlinson (:karlt) <mozbugz at karlt.net>  2008-09-17 21:02:19 PDT ---
The problem is in creating TextRuns.

First the fast path is attempted, and it calls AddGlyphRun with
aStartCharIndex == 0.  The fast path fails and falls back to the itemizing

The itemizing path also calls AddGlyphRun with aStartCharIndex == 0 and a
different font.  The would be fine except that aForceNewRun == PR_TRUE is
passed, which means that two different glyph runs with different fonts are
recorded for the first run.

The comparator used for the sort in SortGlyphRuns says the order of GlyphRuns
with the same character offset is not important so the order becomes random
and a random font gets used to render the glyphs (the indices of which were
selected from a specific font).

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