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Latest try server build:


This will redirect to the latest try server build and to the latest nightly
once the patch for 441473 is checked in.


- Windows: Postscript-style OTF fonts (i.e. CFF fonts) don't load
- same-site origin restriction enabled by default (site A can't refer to fonts
on site B)
- restriction can be disabled by setting
gfx.downloadable_fonts.enforce_same_site_origin to false in about:config
(setting name changed!)
- use of access control headers to allow cross-site usage not yet implemented
- Linux: not yet working, see bug 449356
- unicode-range not yet implemented

Interesting test pages:

A List Apart article

PrinceXML webfonts test page

Ralf Herrmann's webblog:
(lots of .otf fonts, works on Mac but not on Windows yet)

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