[Issue 104050] Apostrophes are not printed when using font 'Gentium' (wrong PS export)

ccheney at openoffice.org ccheney at openoffice.org
Mon Aug 10 17:42:09 UTC 2009

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The full quote was this:

The PostScript of the attached file is already somehow broken. When sending it
unfiltered to an HP LaserJet 3390, the right quote does not appear on the
printout, if one displays it with Ghostscript or sends it unfiltered to the HP
LaserJet P3005 the right quote appears. If I look into the PostScript file
itself, I see an embedded font, and it seems that not the whole font definition
is embedded but only the glyphs needed for the file. And when I look closer to
it all glyphs but the right quote are defined, the right quote is not defined.
It seems that some PostScript interpreters (Ghostscript, LJ P3005) have a
fallback for the missing character, others not (LJ 3390).

So you are saying its not a bug in OOo to not embed the glyph needed in the
postscript file? The fact that some postscript interpreters can work around the
fact that OOo didn't embed the glyph doesn't make it not OOo's bug, or am I
missing something important?

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