[Issue 43029] support PS-OpenType/OTF/(SFNT with CFF) fonts for PDF export and printing

es at openoffice.org es at openoffice.org
Thu Aug 20 18:34:23 UTC 2009

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------- Additional comments from es at openoffice.org Thu Aug 20 18:34:18 +0000 2009 -------
(apart from the currently discussed kerning problems...)

Compared 3.1 and CWS otf01 with the document (prueba_griego.odt) of the
submitter and the Minion Pro font installed on Windows Vista.
- 3.1: font not embedded in the PDF and fallback to "Reprise Rehearsal" font instead
- CWS otf01: Minion Pro is embedded and is displayed as in Writer.

I would consider this issue as verified.

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