[Issue 43029] support PS-OpenType/OTF/(SFNT with CFF) fonts for PDF export and printing

sos at openoffice.org sos at openoffice.org
Fri Aug 21 11:13:31 UTC 2009

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------- Additional comments from sos at openoffice.org Fri Aug 21 11:13:25 +0000 2009 -------
Sorry: but the mentioned problems with Kerning and Spacing are not related to 
the use of OpenType Fonts.
We uses allways OpenType I was simply not aware off this problem.
I did some tests with standard Windows fonts as Arial and found out that
the OO-PDFexport simply ignorges some OO-Kerning and OO-SpaceWidth settings. As 
far I can see, the "Font" Width follows the OO-percentages but the spaces stays 
at 100%.
PLease tell me if this is a known issue (Windows)   

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