[Issue 103157] Liberation Fonts v1.04 have no kerning tables

hdu at openoffice.org hdu at openoffice.org
Wed Jul 1 09:18:19 UTC 2009

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------- Additional comments from hdu at openoffice.org Wed Jul  1 09:18:19 +0000 2009 -------
Liberation 1.00 to 1.03 contained the traditional kern tables, but 1.04 did neither contain them nor 
their newer GPOS.kern counterparts. Version 1.05 provides kerning details only via GPOS, but not via 
the traditional tables. Since 1.05 onyl uses the "pair adjustment" type of GPOS.kern there is no good 
reason they do not also provide the traditional tables.

Especially when considering the OpenType 1.06 specification, which is quite clear on that topic: "Fonts 
intended for cross-platform use or for the Windows platform in general should conform to the 'kern' 
table format". I support this notion.

@fyva: if you use fontforge to create your fonts please do not forget to enable the "Traditional Kerning"
checkbox in File->GenerateFonts->Options->SFNT
It would be even better if you used a version of fontforge that has my patch from issue 102911 

Other than that there is the enhancement issue 31764 for OOo to use GPOS.kern instead of SFNT.kern.

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