[Bug 487581] Liberation Mono: incorrect spacing for Combining Diacritical Marks.

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Fri Jul 3 14:04:05 UTC 2009

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--- Comment #6 from Adam Buchbinder <adam.buchbinder at gmail.com>  2009-07-03 10:04:04 EDT ---
As I said, I don't run a Red Hat-based OS, and the latest version packaged for
anything Debian-based is 1.04.93. I performed the same test as the one shown in
the attached video above, switching between the default Monospace font (I think
it's DejaVu Sans Mono, but all I know for sure is that it isn't Liberation
Mono, because the diacritics display properly) and what I'm reasonably sure is
the new version of Liberation Mono.

When I do this, as in the video above, the diacritic hops from the top of the
'o' (where it should be) to the top of the 'g' (where it should not be).

Here's an easier way to reproduce it. Download "og.txt" (which I'll attach
shortly) and run the following commands (you'll need the pango dev package for

$ pango-view og.txt --font="DejaVu Sans Mono"
[Accent appears over the 'o']

$ pango-view og.txt --font="Liberation Mono"
[Accent appears over the 'g']

Does this make the problem more clear? It should be pretty trivial to

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