[Bug 503430] Incorrect Kerning in some applications

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Wed Jul 8 06:59:21 UTC 2009

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--- Comment #17 from hdu <hdu at openoffice.org>  2009-07-08 02:59:20 EDT ---
> Is all other checkboxes correct on the screenshot of step three?

You seem to use *sfd files for editing+managing the fonts and then generate the
font files from them? If this is so then it makes sense to keep the checkboxes
regarding "PfaEdit Tables" disabled.

If fontforge didn't default to enable the checkbox for "PS Glyph Names" I
wouldn't have enabled it either. They only cost a few KB though and maybe other
apps have some use for them.

> I used scripts to utilize fontforge to create TTFs from SFDs. Am I supposed to add 'Old Style kern' in the scripts also?

I guess so.

Since you are targeting the fonts also for Windows please be aware of the
problem I outlined in
Just make sure that all glyphs references in kerning pairs have a codepoint
inside the unicode baseplane assigned.

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