[Bug 503430] Incorrect Kerning in some applications

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Fri Jul 10 12:01:43 UTC 2009

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--- Comment #20 from hdu <hdu at openoffice.org>  2009-07-10 08:01:40 EDT ---
> @hdu please open DejaVu bugs at DejaVu upstream

Here we are working on getting the liberation fonts into good shape. Testing
them for common problems seen in related fonts (like DejaVu) should be
considered to be a valid concern. Else there is that easily avoidable risk that
new releases fail on windows with exactly the same symptoms.

> Also, is this a problem for FLOSS windows apps that go through cairo and fontconfig (as they should
> nowadays?)

AFAIK most applications on Windows are not yet ported to to go through cairo or
fontconfig for their graphics needs. These could be considered obsolete
irrelevant by some but this is probably quite hard to convicnenot the consensus
of the users on that platform. If these other apps depend on the Windows GDI
call GetKerningPairs() instead they have the same problem. I'm sorry I cannot
provide the exact list of every app (be it FLOSS or traditional) and the exact
versions that are affected. If somebody else can provide such a list this would
be most appreciated. All I'm saying is that this problem would affect every
application that relies on the GetKerningPairs() call.

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