[Bug 513582] segfault in FTC_CMapCache_Lookup()

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Wed Jul 29 19:21:42 UTC 2009

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--- Comment #19 from Kevin Kofler <kevin at tigcc.ticalc.org>  2009-07-29 15:21:42 EDT ---
I think the only fix which is likely to work with C++ is to edit
FTC_CMapCache_Lookup in ftccmap.c to add a variable:
FTC_Node ftcnode;
and to change the FTC_CACHE_LOOKUP_CMP call to:
FTC_CACHE_LOOKUP_CMP( cache, ftc_cmap_node_compare, hash, &query,
                      ftcnode, error );
node = (FTC_CMapNode) ftcnode;
If FTC_CACHE_LOOKUP_CMP is also used in other places, they'll need the same
type of fix.

This is still a somehow unsafe cast, mind you, but at least this one should
compile and not trigger an aliasing violation in GCC.

(I still think the idea of writing code which compiles as both C and C++ is
insane though. ;-) )

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