[Bug 487912] Unable to upgrade to 20081007-7.fc11, but fresh install worked

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--- Comment #14 from Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net>  2009-03-02 17:55:55 EDT ---
(In reply to comment #13)
> okay, I've been mucking with this for a good portion of the day. There are two
> problems here:
> 1. it looks like rpm is generating an encoded string as a provide

Since the autoprovides stuff extracts metadata from the font files, and I don't
think any font format spec mandates this metadata must be ASCII only, this is
pretty much required to work with font files.

> 2. rpm-python appears to be claiming it is a string object

This is probably the bug

> Additionally the provides generated by the fontprov script are;
> config(apanov-edrip-fonts) = 20081007-7.fc11
> font(:lang=ava)
> font(edrip)  
> font(едрип)  

This font file declares two names, one ASCII and the other — not. This is an
upstream choice. Each of the names can be referenced in a digital document, wo
we can't really drop it if we want autoinstall to work.

> apanov-edrip-fonts = 20081007-7.fc11
> Do we really want an '=' in the name section of a provide? I kinda hope we do
> not.

Behdad really liked this syntax, it's very close to the kind of options every
fontconfig command knows how to process. Since it was properly enclosed in a
font() namespace Panu and Richard let it be.

> I think the provides script needs some love

It's not a script it's a binary that was coded for packaging systems such as

The problem I have with that any syntax change requires a rebuild of all the
packages providing fonts before the next release (including beasts like OO.o)
and I'd really like not to do one every other week.

> and I think we need to figure out
> what rpm-python is doing with the objects it is getting.
> Panu, Florian, Jindrich comments?

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