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Akira TAGOH <tagoh at redhat.com> changed:

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            Summary|fontforge ignores keyboard  |accelerator keys is ignored
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--- Comment #9 from Akira TAGOH <tagoh at redhat.com>  2009-03-09 02:10:29 EDT ---
That looks like a bug in XIM handling code in fontforge. there are a feature to
keep IM turned on but to be able to input ASCII in scim-anthy say. in this
mode, I can't use shortcut keys nor accelerator keys on fontforge as well. 
This is a well known issue to deal with key events. in GTK+, they resolve a
kind of this issue checking accelerators before forwarding them to IM. though
that way introduces another issue that keybindings in IM that acts with a
prefix key for accelerators doesn't work.

I'd say this isn't a libgxim nor imsettings bugs but should be an application
bug, fontforge in this case since this happens without libgxim/imsettings.
moreover accelerator keys actually works in the file dialog. guess that's
probably because the entry box picks up the filtered event and process
accelerators.  Anyway until now no one who uses IM didn't just complain and
libgxim didn't work due to a bug in Fedora 10 GA.

However there are a workaround for someone who don't really use IM - although
that might affects a performance because all the key events are forwarding
synchronously. but in this mode, the key events won't be filtered out unless
it's something what IM converts from the key events.

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